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Type: report
Technical Report
Title: A conceptual model of particulate trapping in riparian buffers
Authors: Newham, L. T. H.
Rutherford, J. C.
Croke, B. F. W.
Organisation: CSIRO Land and Water
Year: 2005
Abstract: This report describes the development of a new model, the Riparian Particulate Model (RPM), for riparian buffers. It is intended principally for catchment-scale application within an integrated catchment management model and also provides a framework for ongoing scientific development. The model quantifies the particulate trapping capacity of riparian buffers through settling, infiltration and adhesion. It sub-divides total particulate load into two size classes - coarse (> 50 microns) which are trapped principally by settling and fine (£ 50 microns) which are trapped principally by infiltration and adhesion - and uses simplified descriptions of these three trapping mechanisms. The RPM captures important features of experimental findings and enables investigation of the anticipated effects of changes to a range of important buffer characteristics. Managers will be able to use the RPM to assess at catchments to invest in establishing and protecting riparian buffers. The performance of the RPM againast a selection of experimental studies has been acceptable but further improvements in performance are possible through ongoing testing and refinement of parameters. This is required to enable routine application of the RPM for assessing the effectiveness of changes in riparian management.
Place: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Zotero ID: UHU3P273
URL: https://publications.csiro.au/rpr/pub?list=BRO&pid=procite:cb23266d-f5ef-4da5-80e9-168d9053906e
URL: http://www.lsln.net.au/jspui/handle/1/13131
Other Identifiers: Report number:21/05
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