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Title: Soil acidity and arresting the impact of this yield thief
Authors: Grains Research and Development Corporation
Abstract: The extent and severity of soil acidity are increasing under high yielding continuously cropped farming systems.When acidity emerges in high value sensitive crops such as lentils or faba beans, it often follows a patchy distribution which can be diagnosed and treated.There are some new trials comparing the effectiveness of liming products.New decision support tools have been developed to assist in comparing treatment options and understanding the economic impacts of acidity.
Zotero ID: 4VKI5QXR
URL: https://grdc.com.au/resources-and-publications/grdc-update-papers/tab-content/grdc-update-papers/2017/02/soil-acidity-and-arresting-the-impact-of-this-yield-thief
URL: http://www.lsln.net.au/jspui/handle/1/16811
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