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Type: report
RIRDC Report
Title: Costs and benefits of diversification: whole farm case studies
Authors: Campbell White & Associates Pty Ltd
Black, A.
Organisation: Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation
Year: 2002
Abstract: This publication sets out a series of 10 whole farm case studies from across Australia, examining the costs and benefits of diversification. In addition to detailed cost benefit and financial analysis of diversification, the case studies also document the personal experiences of each farming family, and the lessons they have learnt through diversifying their farm business. It is hoped that the insights and experiences documented through the case studies will prove useful for other farming families that are considering diversifying their farm business. This publication is not intended as a “how to” guide for farm diversification, but more simply as a document to raise awareness of issues, especially the potential financial impacts, that may otherwise be overlooked in the challenging task of diversifying a farm business.
Zotero ID: D68QWZ3G
URL: https://rirdc.infoservices.com.au/downloads/02-029
URL: http://www.lsln.net.au/jspui/handle/1/6837
Other Identifiers: Report number:02-029
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