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Wang et al 2013.pdf.jpg2013Recent advances in soil seed bank researchWang, Y.; Jiang, D.; Toshio, O.; Zhou, Q.North Coast Local Land Services
Vasconcellos-Neto et al 2009.pdf.jpg2009Seed dispersal of Solanum thomasiifolium Sendtner (Solanaceae) in the Linhares Forest, Espírito Santo state, BrazilVasconcellos-Neto, J.; Barbosa de Albuquerque, L.; Rodrigues Silva, W.North Coast Local Land Services
Thompson et al 1993.pdf.jpg1993Seed size and shape predict persistence in soilThompson, K.; Band, S.R.; Hodgson, J.G.North Coast Local Land Services
Simberloff 2009.pdf.jpg2009The role of propagule pressure in biological invasions - annual review of ecology, evolution, and systematics, 40(1):81Simberloff, D.North Coast Local Land Services
Salaudeen et al 2013.pdf.jpg2013Economic impact of tropical soda apple (Solanum viarum) on florida cattle productionSalaudeen, T.; Thomas, M.; Harding, D.; Hight, S.D.North Coast Local Land Services
Robinson et al 2013.pdf.jpg2013Review: Refuges for fauna in fire-prone landscapes: their ecological function and importanceRobinson, N.M.; Leonard, S.W.J.; Ritchie, E.G.; Bassett, M.; Chia, E.K.; Buckingham, S.; Gibb, H.; Bennett, A.F.; Clarke, M.F.North Coast Local Land Services
Ordonez et al 2010.pdf.jpg2010Functional differences between native and alien species: a global-scale comparisonOrdonez, A.; Wright, I.J.; Olff, H.North Coast Local Land Services
Call et al 2000.pdf.jpg2000Tropical soda apple (Solanum viarum) herbicide susceptibility and competitiveness in tall fescue (festuca arundinacea)Call, N.M.; Coble, H.D.; Perez-Fernandez, T.North Coast Local Land Services
Lindenmayer et al 2014.pdf.jpgApril 1, 2014Complex responses of birds to landscape-level fire extent, fire severity and environmental driversLindenmayer, D.B.; Blanchard, W.; McBurney, L.; Blair, D.; Banks, S.C.; Driscoll, D.A.; Smith, A.L.; Gill, A.M.North Coast Local Land Services
Leishman & Westoby 1998.pdf.jpg1998Seed size and shape are not related to persistence in soil in Australia in the same way as in BritainLeishman, M.R.; Westoby, M.North Coast Local Land Services
Hopfensperger 2007.pdf.jpg2007A review of similarity between seed bank and standing vegetation across ecosystemsHopfensperger, K.N.North Coast Local Land Services
Williams et al 2006.pdf.jpg2006Local extinction of grassland plants: the landscape matrix is more important than patch attributesWilliams, N.S.G.; Morgan, J.W.; McCarthy, M.A.; McDonnell, M.J.North Coast Local Land Services
Woinarski & Recher 1997.pdf.jpg1997Impact and response: a review of the effects of fire on the Australian avifaunaWoinarski, J.C.Z.; Recher, H.F.North Coast Local Land Services
Gioria & Osborne 2009.pdf.jpg2009Assessing the impact of plant invasions on soil seed bank communities: use of univariate and multivariate statistical approachesGioria, M.; Osborne, B.North Coast Local Land Services
Ferreras & Galetto 2010.pdf.jpg2010From seed production to seedling establishment: important steps in an invasive processFerreras, A.E.; Galetto, L.North Coast Local Land Services
Colautti et al 2006.pdf.jpg2006Propagule pressure: a null model for biological invasionsColautti, R.I.; Grigorovich, I.A.; MacIsaac, H.J.North Coast Local Land Services
Alpert et al 2000.pdf.jpg2000Invasiveness, invasibility and the role of environmental stress in the spread of non-native plantsAlpert, P.; Bone, E.; Holzapfel, C.North Coast Local Land Services
Brierley et al 2011.pdf.jpg2011Geomorphology in action: linking policy with on-the-ground actions through applications of the River Styles frameworkBrierley, G.; Fryirs, K.; Cook, N.; Outhet, D.; Raine, A.; Parsons, L.; Healey, M.North Coast Local Land Services
Bekker et al 1998.pdf.jpg1998Seed size, shape and vertical distribution in the soil: indicators of seed longevityBekker, R.M.; Bakker, J.P.; Grandin, U.; Kalamees, R.; Milberg, P.; Poschlod, P.; Thompson, K.; Willems, J.H.North Coast Local Land Services
Blackburn et al 2011.pdf.jpg2011A proposed unified framework for biological invasionsBlackburn, T.M.; Pyšek, P.; Bacher, S.; Carlton, J.T.; Duncan, R.P.; Jarošík, V.; Wilson, J.R.U.; Richardson, D.M.North Coast Local Land Services
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1782