About the Living Systems Library Network portal

The Living Systems Library Network is a group of Australian organisations engaged in managing living systems. These groups use primarily technical information that crosses the natural resource management, agricultural, urban sustainability and conservation sectors.

The network was established to increase the sharing of valuable grey literature across participating organisations and their stakeholders. This material is often not publically available, nor conserved in a systematic manner. It also allows multiple organisations to contribute the knowledge collection for a particular location or asset, as information items are geocoded.

The portal provides a searchable catalogue of digital material held by organisations in the network. This forms part of the library support service provided to all network participants by Knowledge Ecology.

The portal platform uses DSpace, world-class repository software used by hundreds of institutions across the globe, including groups such as MIT. Participating organisations do not have the resource base that would normally allow them to access this level of digital infrastructure, but as a group, they can.

Services provided to network participants

LSLN participants pay an annual fee for library support services. The service is delivered remotely and covers:

  • Submission of items
  • Development of metadata for items
  • Geo-coding of items to make them map searchable
  • Your organisation always has a standalone copy of your material - no lock in
  • Access to your material from any internet enabled computer
  • Full text indexing of PDFs for high performance keyword search
  • Access to metadata and full text items from other contributors
  • Links to bibliographic management software for auto-citations

To find out more about the LSLN or to join please contact:

Mathew Silver – Director at Knowledge Ecology

Ph. 0466 302 850